Microphone recommendation for video conferencing

i was hoping someone could recommend a microphone for picking up multiple voices from 3-5M (10 - 16 ft) away for the raspberry pi.

I’m thinking about using the pi 4 as a video conferencing system similar to facebook’s portal TV so my 3 year old son and I can video call grandma etc from the sofa instead of a PC or phone.

I’d like the call’s audio to come through the TV’s speakers and was wondering if (or how) the mic would handle any feedback or interference issues. Also is there something available with noise-cancelling abilities, although I’m hoping someone would tell me if this would be relevant for this application.

from what I’ve read so far (on the internet), I need something called a far field microphone array, is the 4-Mic linear array suitable? also would it be possible to incorporate 2 x 4-Mic arrays to have 8 mics working together in my project?