Microcontrollers - controlling high powered robotic device


im new to iot/hardware but work as a web developer.
Question about microcontroller boards.
Are all the boards(e.g. on seeed) capable of controlling a high powered robotic device?
The proposed device would have an independent power supply & charging. It would utilise considerable ml/dl with sensors & cameras.


Hi @ab2qik. Microcontroller Development Boards only need to give specific signals in order to control the motors, most of the development broads are capable of doing that, and for controlling the high powered motor, we need to use specific motor driver boards, that’s is depends on the motor, if you share your motor detail, we can look into the driver part! also, you can find more robotics-related product at the robotics section on seeed store

and most of the SBC(Single Board Computer’s) will support ML/DL frameworks too, the diversity with the power, price and size. you can find more details on the Artificial Intelligence Hardware Section on Seeed store

Welcome to the maker world :grin: :love_you_gesture:

Thankyou for the informed reply.
I’ll return to the forums after more research.