Micro SD card installation , use and storing of data

I have today recieved the DSO Nano. I have bought a 2GB micro SD card and installed it. I have inserted the USB cable and I can see a removable drive letter for the SD card. I have formatted it using WIN XP SP3, asking for a regular FAT formatting.

I have also dowloaded the SDFILE %281%29.rar file, and extracted all the FILE000.DAT through FILE039.DAT files onto this Micro SD drive.

But when I try to save or load to/from any of these files, I get the errors:
By FS: File NoPlace
By FL: FILE NoFound

Before the pressing of OK button, I can scroll to select which filename out of the FILE0XX, so the DSO Nano seems to recognize their existance om teh Micro SD card.

Also the USB-connected Laptop can see all the fiels.

What may be wrong? The manual does not reveal an detaild handling information at all…

I am no expert, just a user, but I have two suggestions. Make sure the formatted SD card with the file templates is inserted before you turn on the Nano. BenF’s latest software includes many SD card fixes including the SD card hot-swappable fix. So my other suggestion is to upgrade to BenF’s latest version. Then you won’t need any of these file templates. The other BenF improvements (v3.61) are too numerous to describe here.