Mesh Bee Firmware v1.0.4_preview

Hi, I tried to flash the END_JN5168.bin in the output folder to the Mesh Bee and entered the MCU mode. I was expecting the heartbeat printout as shown in the code:

    /* Air to Coordinator */
    uint16 size = i32CopyApiSpec(&apiSpec, tmp);
    if(API_bSendToAirPort(UNICAST, 0x0000, tmp, size))
        suli_uart_printf(NULL, NULL, "<HeartBeat%d>\r\n", jobCnt);

But the serial monitor program did not show any result. Printing out the result of ZPS_eAplAfUnicastDataReq in the function API_bSendToAirPort results in error code 0xa6 - ZPS_APL_APS_E_INVALID_PARAMETER.

Anyone can help?

Anyone using Mesh Bee?