Menu anomaly

Hopefully this short explanation will render the Quad menu system usable for those that are confused by the apparent wild and crazy gyrations of Navigator “B”.

The Quad Menu System has two major flaws that render the system very confusing, so lets discuss those flaws first. Navigator “B” only has two purposes.

  1. Select the blinking cursor menu location (by jogging left or right)
  2. Select menu group 1 or 2 (by pressing down on the Navigator “B” button.

The attached picture flags the Group-2 Menu Items which are simply measurement items. The two major flaws are in the Group-1 menu items. While using the Navigator “B” right arrow and scrolling clockwise thru the menu locations, note that the “File Save” menu appears when you jog down from Delta-V to Delta-T. At this time the magical save files appears as shown in the picture. :astonished:

Ok, so they don’t show that in the menu jogging, not a big deal, but now there is another anomaly which further confuses this issue. While displaying the save file menu, the next right jog of Navigator “B” should jump the blinking cursor to “Delta-T” but it doesn’t; instead it jumps to “T1” or “T2” which ever was last used.

This Delta-T cursor position should work just like the Delta-V position works. With the Delta-V, you can press Navigator “A” to jump to “V1”, “V2”, or jump back to “Delta-V”. Not so with Delta-T, it only jumps between “T1” and “T2” and never jumps back to “Delta-T”. :astonished:

So in conclusion, the two major flaws (no file menu between Delta-V and Delta-T coupled with the non-blinking Delta-T) make the Navigator “B” appear wild and crazy! :smiling_imp:

After realizing these two flaws, then the Menu System becomes reasonable once again. Pressing down on Navigator “B” selects the alternate menu group (Grp-1 or Grp-2), and jogging the Navigator “B” selects the high level menu within that group. One trick that I have learned is when you are at a menu item far from CHA and you want to get back to CHA quickly, just press Navigator “B” twice and you will default back to CHA.

Pressing down on Navigator “A” simply changes the sub-menu in Grp-1 and changes the associated channel in Grp-2 which is indicated by the color of the Grp-2 menu item. Jogging Navigator “A” in both groups simply changes that menu item choice.

In the picture I have selected CHA for all measured functions. Notice that Vbt (battery) will always turn white because it is not channel dependent. :slight_smile:

In closing, I feel that the factory should fix Delta-T so it works like Delta-V and that “file save” menu should appear to the left of CHA in the menu sequencing.

Thanks Lygra. Until I read your post I had thought that the menu was just crazy. Now it is only partly so.

so, you can image a maun: save file between Delta-V and Delta-T :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because the “Delta-T” can not be setted by the user , the 4 channel user the same set of “time”,unfimilar with the “Delta-V”-- differenet channel has different set of vertical Div.
so , user can change the “Delta-V” between the 4 channel by pull/push navigataor A, but not the “Delta-T”, the same as other oscilloscope.

My point was that without the ability to set Delta-T as the default sub-menu, then the Grp-1 menu cursor appears to jump around in an apparent random motion at the Delta-T location. This is very confusing to new Users and is entirely unnecessary if Delta-T were fixed to behave like Delta-V

The new User should keep all the Grp-1 menu sub-menus in the top position choice to keep the Grp-1 cursor rotation from appearing crazy. This can not be done without a Delta-T top position of Grp-1.

If the file menu would appear when the Grp-1 cursor is moved to the left of the CHA, then confusion would be much less and no file menu icon would be required, just a statement in the User Manual.

If you are trying to justify these problems, then that is being foolish because there is no justification of something that causes unnecessary confusion to the User. Instead, you should be reporting these problems to the factory for change that would greatly improve the current menu system which has this troublesome hole in it. :confused:

Sorry to sound so harsh but much time has been invested to describe this problem in detail. If these problems are ignored or laughed away, then you will loose any further support from me. I can find more enjoyable ways to waste my time.

By the way, Delta-T has nothing to do with channel selection, that is why it is white in color, and Delta-V can only be used with two channels, CHA and CHB.

The reason I suggested that the file save should appear to the left of CHA (in Navigator “B” jog rotation) is because when changing from Grp-2 to Grp-1 you are just one Grp-1 menu jog away from the file save option.

This would make it quite easy to save a file from any Grp-1 or Grp-2 menu position with very few Navigator “B” jogs, instead of the current situation where the cursor is jumping all over the screen and acting crazy while you are trying to find the save file option.

ok, actully , i have reports these suggestions to Bure at :

I don’t know why, but this brought a wry smile to my face. I have almost lost the will to live trying to be heard on this forum. Perhaps that is the plan, if they ignore us long enough, or dismiss us offhand, then we will go away :wink:


Perhaps you could create a new thread that lists the actual change requests to Bure. Then you could update that list as to what is accepted to be worked on and what is rejected by Bure. In other words a list of each suggestion summary submitted and a check box for those accepted by Bure for future implementation, and a reject check box for those not to be considered by Bure. This wouldn’t take much effort and it would keep us informed as to which future changes should be expected.

Right now we have no idea as to Bure intentions for future changes. We are his customers and he owes us some definition of his changes direction. Otherwise we are just blowing in the wind trying to guess what is being done.

Your reference to the Chinese forum does none of your American customers any good (unless they speak Chinese). If you have to post on a forum like anyone else, then you are not a real factory representative for us, and it is doubtful that any of our suggestions will ever be considered.

To be our factory representative, you have to be more professional and that includes arguing changes that you don’t agree with, providing your customers with feed-back as to which suggestions will be implemented at some future time, and defining those suggestions are that are rejected by Bure and associates. This can not be achieved by just posting on a factory Forum.

The Quad was sold under the terms of Beta and that requires factory support so that the customers can provide Beta feed-back for corrections and changes. At this time I see no method nor procedure to provide two-way customer feed-back for the Beta development except through you and that continues to be one-way.

Suddenly my interest is alive again… i love fighting talk, but EVERYTHING that lygra has said i echo. many months ago when i got my beta device i made my concerns about support. I see lots of lip service in the way of them being listed as “future enhancments” however i feel that getting a useable product is not realy an enhancment … or am i just being picky here.

I am going to terminate my part of this discussion with an allegory. It is like building a cart with square wheels that everyone hated because the load kept falling off; but it was actually very cute. Then someone put round wheels on that first cart (the Nano v3.62) and everyone in the village was happy because the load stayed on and it was still cute.

Then the factory built a new and improved second cart that looked even better and could haul four times the load (the Quad). Two problems though, it also has square wheels, can’t haul four times the load (only two times the load) and both loads keep falling off! Now everyone in the village is very disappointed because they must now park the second cart and use the first cart on four trips to haul the expected load. And the factory manager stands by looking puzzled.

most profound jedi master lygra :wink:

I’m sure that if the Monty Python team where still active there would be sketch in there somewhere.

I am currently re-factoring my quad into a useful wedge to stop my other “functional” test equipment from rattling about my instrument case.

I would use it as an expensive memory stick but unfortunately it has limited memory :laughing:

I am however not signing out from this thread just yet. it is brightening my otherwise cloudy days waiting for some movement (in the right direction) from Bure and Seeed.

Cheers Pete.

after having read this, I will try to wrap my brains around quad’s menu system again. first three attempts were fruitless :slight_smile: