Memory Upgrade - best setup?


I have only 8GB memory - @Bruce.Qin could you suggest what would be the memory setup to upgrade to (size and vendor)?


@milasx Any first-tier brand DDR4 will be fine, and the maximum frequency supports 3200MHz. We recommend that you use non-overclocked memory.
Samsung: M471A4G43BB1-CWE, M471A4G43AB1-CWE, M471A2K43EB1-CWE

Thank you Bruce. Which size do you think would be best and one or two modules?
I cannot figure out where they would go, could you point me out to here it goes as in the Wiki there is no indication.


@ I have test single 32GB and dual channel 64GB in total, both worked well.
Ref ddr4 Installation section

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Thank you Bruce - to confirm this is also valid for the Odyssey X86 because I do not see where the same slots of the Re server in the Odyssey.


you have to check you motherboard compatibility with the memory module before making purchase.

@Bruce.Qin ciuld you please send a photo of the slots where the memory goes in the Odyssey?



I do not have the re server I have the small Odyssey. Can the Odyssey have extra memory added?

Odyssey J41XX do not support SODIMM memory :smiley: