Meetup | Wikifactory the Social Design & Production Platform

This Thursday evening, we are happy to invite Wikifactory team to come & share with us about how you can get involved in social design and manufacturing.

No matter you are looking to cooperate with existing open source projects or start your own, you are a startup in the runup to a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign or a company looking for innovation openly, you shouldn’t miss this meetup. Wikifactory is a product development platform inspired by how agile, distributed and transparent teams work best.


We invite you on April the 12th at x.factory to see the potential of this exciting new platform, to learn about how you can get involved.

Here is the content of the event:

  • Introduction of Wikifactory

    Introduction of the international community, with featured projects

    Introduction of planned community & events in China, and how you can involve
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    What is Wikifactory?
    Wikifactory is a social design and production platform. Think of it as a combination of:

  • An online community of designers, engineers, makers, technologists and other creative problem solvers, and that aim to disrupt the way the next generation of physical products are designed, manufactured, and distributed.

    A set of collaboration tools designed to help you and your team work on digital fabrication projects of all stages and sizes.
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    Nicolai Peitersen, a Dane who has worked for the Central Bank of Denmark, J. P. Morgan and is an advisory member of the Danish Design Centre. He co-authored the book “The ethical economy - rebuilding value after the financial crisis”

    Maximillian Kampik - Co-founder of Espians and Wikifactory. Aspiring technologist and futurologist that enjoys keeping up with the latest tech innovations and implementations. Has a background in politics and international relations.

    ​Event Info

    Time: 19:30-21:00, April 12th (Thursday)

    Place: x.factory, B608, Design Commune, Vanke Cloud City, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

    Signup: Please sign up via <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 5008230830”></LINK_TEXT>.