Meetup | A Deep Look at AR Technology 一起来聊聊AR技术的前世今生与未来

With the development or AR technology, different industries have explored the potentiality and creative applications of AR technology. Nowadays, AR has been applied in many successful cases. As any other emerging technology, AR also goes through a path of iteration and evolution. Are you curious about AR technology, its history, products and applications? We invite Chaihuo member, maker pro Abed to talk with us about AR. Mark your calendar, 19:30 on March 16th. Click “” to sign up!


What is AR? 何为AR?

“Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real-world are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information.” (Wikipedia). Microsoft’s Hololens and Google’s Google Glass are some well-known AR products, and the famous game Pokemon Go is an example of AR application in gaming.

增强现实(Augmented Reality)指通过计算设备对现实环境的实时感知和计算,将文字、图片、视频等3D内容和信息叠加在现实世界中,具有虚拟现实融合、实时交互、三维注册三大特征。目前,其硬件产品代表作有微软的HoloLens、谷歌的Google Glass,而游戏代表作则是大名鼎鼎的《Pokemon Go》。


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The earliest AR application can be traced back to Sensorama Stimulator, which was invented by Morton Heilig in 1950s. With his experience in filming, Morton integrated image, sound, fans, smells and vibration into the Sensorama Stimulator, allowing users to experience riding a motorcycle on the streets of Brooklyn.

说起AR,最早可以追溯到Morton Heilig在上个世纪五、六十年代所发明的Sensorama Stimulator。他利用自己在电影拍摄上的经验设计出了Sensorama Stimulator,该设备可以通过图像、声音、风扇、香味和震动,让用户感受在纽约布鲁克林街道上骑着摩托车风驰电掣的场景。

With decades of evolvement, AR has achieved several milestones in its development.



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As tech juggernauts such as Microsoft, Google, Magic Leap and Apple’s investment in AR, there are more and more AR applications emerging. And we have every reason to believe this technology will become more accessible and practical in the future. According to statistics, there were 366 AR startups listed on Angelist (until June 2018). And there was a forecast of 1 billion AR users in 2020.

随着微软、谷歌、Magic Leap, 苹果等科技巨头对AR的投入,涌现出越来越多的应用,相信这项技术在未来会随着时间的推移而变得更加便捷、实用。据统计,截止至去年6月,仅在Angelist上记录在册的基于AR的初创公司就有多达336家,预计2020年,这项新兴技术的用户群体也将增长到多达10亿。

With all the information provided, you might be wondering: How does AR work? What is the history of AR? What are the differences, similarities and applications of AR products such as Kinect, Leap Motion, ARKit, iPhone 8 and Google ARCore etc.? What are potential applications of AR? Chaihuo member and maker pro Abed will share with us all about the above, and more!

那么,AR是如何工作的? AR技术的发展历程如何?不同AR产品包括Kinect, Leap Motion, ARKit, iPhone 8,Google ARCore等产品的特点、不同之处以及应用有哪些?AR技术的发展趋势如何?AR在未来领域有哪些潜在应用?我们邀请到了柴火的专业会员Abed和大家一起聊聊以上AR相关内容。

Speakers 分享嘉宾

Abed Bukhari

Abed worked for the last 8 years on multiple science-based projects mainly in opto-electronics field. He has wide development skills in Optics, Software, Hardware and building lean hardware startups. He worked for many years in Europe between Germany, Estonia and Czech Republic before moving to Shenzhen. Abed is also the founder of KomraVision Limited, a company that creates a handheld scanner to detect food contamination and analyze materials on a molecular level.

Abed在过去8年中主要从事光电子领域的多个科学项目。 他在光学,软件,硬件和建立精益硬件初创公司方面拥有广泛的开发技能。 在搬到深圳之前,他曾在德国,爱沙尼亚和捷克共和国的欧洲工作多年。 Abed还是KomraVision Limited的创始人,该公司创建了一种手持式扫描仪,用于检测食品污染并分析材料。

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