Meet ArduPy, A Combination of Arduino and MicroPython to Learn Programming Efficiently

ArduPy is a combination of Arduino and MicroPython. MicroPython uses the universal Arduino API to control the hardware so that it can be compatible with new platforms quickly. With the help of the aip package manager we provided, you can transform your favorite Arduino library into a MicroPython library. Through ArduPy, you can use Python to verify your ideas, learn python programming as well as micro-controller programming in a more efficient way.
ArduPy consists of two parts, one is the ArduPy Core, and the other part is the Arduino Library Python wrapper.
ArduPy Core is Pyboard-friendly and supports basic hardware operations on the board. We wish to develop the ArduPy into a community-driven software and look forward to your participation. If you want to integrate more useful libraries, please feel free to contact us at Github.
Check our Github for more technical details and feel free to ask anything you want to know and tell us your thoughts!

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Thanks for Sharing :slightly_smiling_face: it great to see the combination of Arduino and MicroPython, attaching a images forks & ports of MicroPython

Can someone give us a concise description of how ArduPy differs from just using straight MicroPython? Can I just use the MicroPython port?

I’m sure there is something significant, but I don’t understand the problem that ArduPy is trying to address.

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Emmm…It’s hard to describe these new species in seemingly dry language, so it’s worth a video demonstration. @todd.krein