Mecanum Wheel Robot

I’m going to build a robot based on the Mecanum wheel chassis from the store. Could you point to any plans and/or products that I would need next to the chassis? I’m inclined to slowly build it out - first, make sure it runs using a Seeduino board and some motor shields (any recommendations) and a remote (again looking for recommendations) and then slowly add more features using pi, camera, ultrasonic to add obstacle avoidance, line-following, etc.

Also looking for recommendations regarding the type of battery to use with the chassis.


which motor you are planning to using?

The motors that came with the chassis are labeled GA25-371 and have encoders. 1:34 gear ratio and 360cpr.

What about the voltage and current requirements? Then we can select the suitable motor drivers

It’s this one:

With these specs:

Since the Maximum Voltage Ampere rating is 12v/2.2A, you can go with L298 based motor drivers which can handle power supply: +5V~+46V and Driver up to 2A.

You can see the Motor driver comparison below

Product DC voltage input Channel No MAX Current output for each channel Price
Grove - I2C Motor Driver (TB6612FNG) 2.5 ~ 13.5 (5V Typical, 15V Max.) 2 1.2 A(ave)/3.2 A (peak) $6.5
L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver +5V~+46V 2 2A $23.5
Grove - I2C Mini Motor Driver 2.75V - 6.8V 2 1A $10.9
Grove - I2C Motor Driver with L298 6V - 15V 2 0.5A $16.9
Grove - I2C Motor Driver (L298P) 6V - 15V 2 1A $12.9