measure the level of resins


One of the 3D printers at work doesn’t measure the amount of resin in its basin while printing (it’s a prototype). This means it could fall without during a big print. I had a look though the grove sensors but they either didn’t have the required resolution (ultraviolet) or it was not its intented purpose (infrared). Ideally, what we would like to have is a notification when the resin the tank drops below a certain level. In this printer, the resin tank moves up and down. So, a stationary sensor that measures the distance to the resin and does something when it goes above a certain treshold (in milimeter).

Is there any way to accomplish this? I’m completely new to this (but it is very exciting stuff).

Thank you.

Hi there:

Can you tell me specifically about your application environment and the distance you need to measure? Is it infrared or ultraviolet?

Currently we’re using the SODAQ Mbili with 16kB and 128kB flash memory to quickly prototype some PoC’s. Since the resin we want to measure hardens out by using UV licht, it would default to infrared imo.

Dear Customer,

Here are some proposals. thanks

  1. ultrasonic sensor and the accuracy is 1cm. please refer to
  2. Grove - TF Mini LiDAR and the accuracy is 1cm. please refer to

    Seeed techsupport team