Maximum size for flexible PCBs ?

The same gerber files that I have successful used for rigid board manufacture on Speeed Fusion will not upload when I submit for flexible PCB manufacture. Is there a size limit or some other difference between rigid and flexible that would cause this? There is no error provided, just that could not be uploaded. I can see the board on the gerber viewer. It is 25mm x 425mm long. I don’t see anyway to submit the file for assessment – as I said I already used it on Seeed for making a rigid board version

thanks for insight on how to fix this,


Hi dmeglan,

Yes, the maximum dimensions for flexible PCBs are 230 x 230mm. The laminates typically come in this size and larger sizes are not very common.

After the entering the dimensions you should see a warning below that informs you of the error:

[attachment=0]flex limits.png[/attachment]

More information via our FAQ:

[url][/url] ![flex limits.png|539x188](upload://vnOpD3AVc5RA2hq4ksRJu4SETXU.png)

I spent almost $1000US on board fab and assembly with these guys and they did a poor job and I would like to warn others. They took over 2 months when they’d told me 25 days total, on top of that they forgot to assemble some of the 0402 capacitors! They had obviously done no quality check of the assembled boards before they sent them out at all. Poor customer service not keen accept they’d done anything wrong at all, despite not assembling or even including the parts I’d paid for. Waste of money and time.