Maximum current required by XIAO chip?


I am having a circuit board designed and I was asked what the maximum current draw associated with a XAIO chip is (power input) as well as the maximum output current on and of the digital pins. I checked the product specifications but I somehow am missing the nomenclature regarding current. Can someone direct me to the proper online source or just tell me the max currents? Thanks.

The short answer is “not a lot!”

Overview of the SAMD21 Arm Cortex-M0+ Based Seeed Studio XIAO is a good summary

Maximum current per I/O pin also useful (on this forum)

Assume maximum 2mA output per digital output pin and I think you are reasonably safe. Hardly enough to drive an LED and always best to connect driven devices between the power supply and collector of an NPN transistor with emitter to ground and 2K2 resistor (or higher if transistor gain is enough) from the output pin into the transistor base.

If you need a power transistor (for which the gain is typically small) use a Darlington pair.

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Thank you for the reply but I am seeking the maximum power that the XIAO can sink. My circuit board designer needs to know how large to draw the copper conductors bringing power TO the XIAO. Can someone inform me as to the maximum power consumption at Pin 1? 5vdc at ???milliamps???

So it took me 3 maybe 4 clicks, I’m not bugging but Adrian :star_struck: gave you the Direct info GRADE A stuff, check this out I clicked that link above , Clicked section 9, Input output pins I think. About a quarter down the page for all to Glean and wonder (at how low) :slight_smile: is this GEM of a Table entitled, well here it is.

and BONUS… that little tiny Sam D21/DA1 Family link will give you knowledge and power that meets no bounds, BUT!
:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :eye: You must seek it. :pray:

p.s. I’m doing exactly that which is mentioned with a darlington configuration and a 3V solenoid (59-Ohms) powered with 3.85 lipo Batt. fyi

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Way cool, thank you. My PC board designer told me I have nothing to worry about as the traces he created are a factor of ten larger than required.