Max Voltage for DSO v2

I’d just like to make sure before i possibly brake my new meter. I do have a 1x - 10x Probe… with the 10x can i test more then 100V? or will i break the meter? Thank you for your time and help.


Here is a answer from BenF in another thread

AWSOME!!! Thank you very much. again i just wanted to make sure before i fried the unit… but with that info i’m now safe to test househole AC and the higher voltage on TV’s. Thanks Again

Forget about the high voltage in TVs! It can be over 20kV, 20-30 times nanos max Vpp! Be very careful with CRT TVs. LCD TVs also contains high voltage for the back lightning.

LOL, no i didn’t mean High Voltage… I ment Higher Voltages… Higher then 80V that is. thank you for the tips. however i am well versed with HV in TVs.