Max current from USB-C 5V?

Hi, if I connect to USB-C power source, what’s the maximum current through the 5V pin that the board can supply?

Hi LikeTheSandwich,
The current coming from USB-C passes through the B0540WS-7 Schottky diode. I think that the maximum total is 500mA, including the current flowing out from the 5V pin and the current consumed by XIAO.

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Thank you. This also makes sense, as the USB 2.0 spec calls for a max current of 500mA.

Is Seeeduino xiao’s USB backflow prevention diode implemented?
Power flowed back from the board to the USB side.

As you can see in the schematic(A4), XIAO’s 5V pin has a Schottky barrier diode D4(B0540WS-7).

I knew it.
However, the power flowed back from the board to the USB side.
When I input the power of XIAO from the 5V terminal and connected it to a USB hub, the power of other devices connected to the hub turned on. At this time, the hub has no own power.
It seems that there is no diode in it.
Is there some variation in Xiao?(e.g. for USB host application)

I tried it with other XIAOs and the result was the same.

Thank you.
I’ll ask this issue to Seeed studio directly.

I don’t know much more than the schematic.
Why don’t you ask Seeed directly?