Manual for 315MHz Remote Relay Switch Kits

The manual is for 2 channels. However it can also be applied for the 4-channels remote relay switch kits.
How to Use 315MHz Remote Relay Kits.rar (782 KB)


Thank you for the manual, I have ordered a couple of these but cannot seem to get the transmitter to work. The way I understand this is as follows.

The digital IO pins from the arduino connects to the pins 1 2 3 4 on the transmitter depending wether it is a 4 or 2 channel relay. Then another Digital IO pin from the arduino connects to the TE. The 5v+ from the arduino is connected to A and GND from the arduino is connected where the image says (caution: GND is here). Then when the digital IO pin connected to TE is set HIGH and one of the PINS connected to 1 2 3 4 is set HIGH that channel will transmit.

+12 on the reciever is connected to a positive power supply 9v~12v and the - is connected to GND of the Power supply.

Now my concerns are both TE, A and GND of the transmitter have 2 holes for soldering the wires onto, which hole should I use. Also is there any indication when the transmitter transmits a signal such as a led that goes on. I am not seeing any indication.

Any help would be welcome.


Yes, there are 2 holes for TE,A,and GND. And you can wire any one of them, as they are connected internal.

Sorry, there’s no indication for the transmitter when transmitting. So you may have to refer to the action on the receiver side.




Thank you for your reply, I have managed to get them working. I also noticed you should set the pin for the channel to HIGH before setting TE to HIGH , before I was setting TE HIGH and then I set the channel pin to HIGH.


Can anyone Help ?

I have the 2 relay kit and cannot get the relays to activate


  1. connected +5V to A and 0V to GND ( multimeter says 4.8V )
  2. connected a wire/temporary switch from TE to A to get 5V to TE when ready to transmit.
  3. all jumpers on D0-D4 bridged as per diagram which I presume means +5V is getting to D2 and D4 for the relays to activate when TE is set HIGH
  4. have not touched any of the codec jumper settings


12V connnected as required in user manual

My Questions is can I do what I’m doing in 2) to set TE to HIGH or does it have to be a separate 5V digital signal like from an Arduino ? if that is ok what else could be wrong ?

any help welcome !!


No, I think it is unnecessary to set TE to high with separate signal.
It should be ok as following the steps on the manual.
However, if it really doesn’t work, the transmitter may be destroyed be applying higher voltage.


Got it working - I was not supplying 5V to the pins 2 or 4 I did not realize that without an MCU you need to manually feed 5V to either pin 2 and/or 4.

Why not supply kits without shunts and just have single pins rather than double since you need to leave them open anyway (as per the diagram says leave open). A bit confusing but anyway it works !!!