Making the first call, 2g or 3g


I am new to the forum, but been lurking for a while. Built the Rephone kit, and everything but connecting to a network is functioning.

[list]Should making a call work out of the box?
I have a 3g sim card from Tre, do I need a 2g sim?
When removing the sim Rephone says “No Sim”, but when properly inserted (?) “No Sim” disappears, but no other information shows instead. Display is working as it should, as far as I can see.
What is the most beginner friendly way to start playing with coding Rephone on a Mac?/list]

We should really colaborate to make a step by step getting started tutorial for this wonderfull kit! The tutorial that comes with the kit is nice, but I do not have a working Rephone after following it, some steps are missing:)

Hi there:
Remember to disable the SIM’s PIN, or you’ll be unable to use it.
Keep us posted!

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Hi David,

thank you for the heads up! I forgot to mention that I did disable the sim pin on another phone before running it in the Rephone.


Mine worked out of the box. 3g sim works well, of course you get only classic gsm voice quality.

Mine worked out of the box; ¿Have you tried with another SIM? Is the signal strong enough in your room? ¿Does the speaker play any sound when trying to call?

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Thank you guys! Nice to know the 3g sim should work.

The speaker is quiet all the time. I think it is sleeping:)

Quiet or silent?
Because many people have problem with in-call voice volume.
If it’s silent, try playing an audio file, if that doesn’t work, try reattaching the modules.

Thank you all for the engagement!

My Rephone is working and I have made the first call :smiley: And here are the steps that solved the problems along the way:

White screen - replaced the flat cable between the screen and motherboard.
“No sim” message - did put the sim in another phone and removed the sim pin code requirement.
“No sim” message - moved the sim to find the right placement in the sim holder, reboot Rephone between each possition.
No nework - switched from my operator 3. Their network only goes down to 3G, they have no GSM (2G) at all. Now running a sim from Tele2, they run, maintain and develop the GSM (2G) network like there is no tomorrow. That is a good thing.

And discovered that my Rephone does not show any sign of being connected to a network. The space in the upper left corner of the screen that shows the “No sim” is just black when everything is working, or not working, for some other reason than no sim.

It’s a planned feature to add signal strength bars - at least for my fork, but nothing will prevent adding it to the main.