Maixduino - access the Bluetooth from the companion esp32 module

Hello, I just got the Maixduino board, and after playing with the stuff, that all the people are doing, some fun object recognition and stuff, i want to use the esp32 module that is onboard and the other stuff there like DAC and audio amplifier, to :

Project (a) – receive a video stream from a source like an IP Camera, or othe IP video source

Project (b) – receive the music streamed by Bluetooth source like phone media player etc, since there is a DAC on board and a 3 Watt audio amplifier, i like to use it like this.

Project © – I like to use the mems mic, to record a sound and the play it back on the amplifier, to amplify my voice, do some experiments with the tape delay like effect

If you guys have any suggestions on how shall i do any of this, or all if possible, i dont ask you to code for me, just point me to the proper library to import etc…

Did you find the workaround on how to use the Bluetooth feature on maixduino?

Hi my friend,
I am sorry to tell you that this board is dead, i had some problems with it, ( camera was not detected after was pugged wrong by my kid ), no chance to fix it only new CPU, after that with no camera and no real chance to do some real stuff with it, it stay now in the junk been, waiting to be stripped off thinks i can take from it.