MAix GO/Dock/BiT Project Source Files

I’ve been wondering if the schematic/PCB source file format for these boards is known and available for use as a starting point for custom projects. I know that the PDF’s are available but why reinvent the wheel (board)?

OK so how about a differnt request?

I want make a carrier board to mount the DOCK PCB so I can access all I/O in a prototype application but I can’t find an accurate diagram for the drill hole patterns. Some dimension are shown in “Sipeed Maix-GO Specifications_EN V1.0.pdf” they are only for the overall board dimensions and for the 3 mounting holes. I’ve tried tracing the holes and that isn’t working out very well either.


Hey Amigo,

I’m sending this thread over to our 3rd party product managers. I just want you to know your feedback (first post) will be seen by them.

As for your question on better dimensions, I agree that mounting hole spacing should be on there… I’m going to ask the team to reach out to Sipeed for this. Better for us to get it ‘official’ then from inhouse measurements. :lol:

Edit: I ca’nt type well. :oops:


The assembly drawing for dock can be downloaded from below link, pls let us know if you have any other queries.