Maix Dock Cannot Connect Properly

Hi, I have tried connecting a Maix Dock via USB on both Windows and Linux machines. These machines had the Maixpy IDE installed on them, but I cannot connect with them using Putty or the IDE. I have selected the correct board, and when I open a terminal, I can sometimes even see the logo. However, when I try a command with the terminal, (such as import sensor, sensor.reset()), it fails, and I am unable to alter the onboard programming. Kflash does not let me update the firmware, since it does not even properly connect. On Windows, no extra COM port appears. On Linux, I get the ttyUSB0/1 appearing as they should, but neither the IDE nor command line lets me connect to upload even the ‘hello world’ script over. I checked, and the Linux FT2232 driver is already installed on the machine. Is there something I am missing? Thanks.