Main Board V1.3 on Windows 10 - Keeping USB alive


When I plug the main board into the USB on my machine it appears as “USB Serial Device (COM8)” but only stays connected for about 5 seconds.

Is there any way of making sure that the device stops doing this so that I can upload programs?




Try the following

1.Check with a New/Good quality USB cable.
2.Check if the drivers are installed properly.
3.If possible try the setup in a different PC.

Let me know if any of these solutions work.

Please send a picture of your setup.


Trying this on a spare Dell Venue Pro 8 (it’s all I have at the time) it installs as a Arduino Leonardo is this workable?

just looking to see if I can upload a file to the device but I am geeing the following error when compiling:

USBCore.cpp:25:22: fatal error: Platform.h: No such file or directory


Ok everything is now working sorry spotted that the USB device disappears because it then reports to be an Arduino Leonardo … After flashing my 1st program it reports to be a Xadow :slight_smile:

Also spotted that the installation includes the files to be dropped into the Arduino\hardware\seeeduino folder so that the board becomes supported.

May be time to alter the WiKi so that people don’t get confused by the instructions.



Sure thanks for your suggestion