Magic Radio Broadcaster/Receiver

This device is an upstream audio stream and an amplifier. You can broadcast sounds, speech, music, etc. It is intended for freedom of speech in the media, etc. You simply connect the outputs to the winding of a toroidal power transformer, the second winding of which is connected to two grounding contacts of wall sockets.You connect using crocodile clips, possibly in combination with banana plugs. The pdf diagram has a clear explanation. I’m from another country, so forgive me for not speaking Russian very well.Component names and brands are not crucial, with the exception of TC4451, but I think you could find something else. Beware of possible high voltage at the TC4451 input!!!(return from the ground contact of the wall outlet) If this does not suit you, please report it. You can read about it in this : magicradio — Yandex.Disk

Remember that the rule is that you need to add a radio carrier (the background signal can be high audio frequency around 15-20kHz).

Please understand that you can use this to threaten your evil power and bring the freedom you deserve. These things, if used with enough power and quantity, can even change the climate and the land. So GOOD LUCK friends!!