Mac will not recognize Xaio ESP32-S3

System info-
Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1 and Windows 10
Arduino 1.8.19 AND 2.3.2
Installed the VCP and FTDI driver

My mac (and windows 10 laptop) will not recognize the XAIO ESP32-S3

I’ve done the process where you hold down the B button when plugging in the board to the laptop and still no USB port recognized
Same with hitting the reset button while plugged into laptop, and nothing. No USB port recognized.

Not a cord/USB port issue as I am able to plug in a generic Nano and the USB port option comes up.

Any other ideas I haven’t tried?

There are two ways you can use to resolve such issues:

method1. Keep the BOOT button pressed and then connect to the computer via the data cable. Release the BOOT button after connecting to the computer.

method2. When you press and hold the BOOT key while powering up and then press the Reset key once, you can also enter BootLoader mode.