M.2 slot PCIE lane bifurcation bios support

I’ve been using an Odroid H2 for a machine I build but stock is an issue due to chip shortages. I was looking at using a X86J4125 since it has a similar CPU (J4105/J4115 vs J4125). Odroid released a modified bios that enables PCIE 1x4 (opposed to original 4x1 config) on the M.2 slot to support their 4 port network card that has 4 individual controllers, each on it’s own PCIE lane.

I designed a custom USB3 card that has 4 USB3 controllers on it that works similar to Odroid’s netcard. I was thinking about trying out an Odyssey and changing the form factor of my card to work with it but it needs PCIE 1x4 support. I know the CPU supports it, it’s just a matter of whether the bios does. Does the bios support 1x4 bifurcation?