Low power vibration sensor

HI ,
I Want to build a low energy vibration detection system using XIAO nRF52840 (Sense).

I wanted some advise on how to ensure that the device can run for at least a few months on 3000 mAh battery .

I want the device to send data either every 5 seconds in case there is an vibration event or send nothing to save power .

The application is going to use the 6 Axis accelerometer to detect the vibration and use the ML model to classify the vibration in one of the 7 states . In case there is a valid event it should be transmitted else it sleeps .

I do not know how to write a low energy application like this , kindly suggest a path which I can follow.

Hi Tech_stuff and welcome,
Yes the Sense chip will do that easy. The power consumption however is no guarantees, You don’t say how you will send DATA , Bluetooth or Serial out? Toatally doable though, Check out the Battery power threads and note there are several Caveat’s using SEEED studio Xiao’s for this type of application.

Accelerometer works Great, Bluetooth also excellent, Battery power monitoring and Low power (sleep) modes are Sketchy at best. BEWARE!!!
Lots of super smart people on here and will help if you ask and post code samples.
GKL :slight_smile: