Low power consumption

Hi, in my project low power consumption is very important. So I’m in dilemma what to do, I’m using nrf52840 sense. I found code which can read on board gyro sensor and be in sleep mode and thats handy but I will also have two I2C communication sensors from which I would read data every 10 minutes. That two extra sensors use 7uA combined when they are in sleep mode. Does nrf52840 sense when it enters in sleep mode stop emitting voltage on outout pins(5V and 3.3V). So can you tell me what to do: should I use MOSFET, use nrf52840 sleep mode or use sleep mode on both sensors and on nrf52840

Hi there,
Can you say more of what the two sensors are and are they powered by Xiao or passive?
What do you have connected now and how does it look?
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Sensors are max30102 and tmp117, they are both connected to xiao over 3.3V pin

Hi there,
OK Great, those shouldn’t present an issue, I’m pretty sure you could control the power to those with GPIO’s You can take a look at Msfujino’s XIAO power consumption threads on here to gain some insight as to which mode would suit your perceived configuration.
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Hi 6kabum9,
The following link may be helpful, it uses I2C connected sensor.

The following link shows how to transmit data at low power.