low freq. signal (1Hz) with 1s time base : slow to visualise


I have a MCU Analg Device ADUC832, with a DAC. I program for Sinus 1Hz for search limits of DSO203.

With base time >5ms, the DSO becomes slow … For show 1Hz Signal Sinus (200-500ms or 1s time base), the DSO is calculating it over a minute, before displaying the signal.

It’s annoying … I know that everything oscillocope becomes slow with a low frequency signal… But the DSO is extremely slow… You ever notice that ?

With 200ms tb:

The frequency meter isn’t correct !

with 500 ms:

idem … frequency isn’t correct…

with 1s time base, the DSO have not been able to show … (too slow…)

Thanks !

I’m pretty sure this is similiar to the behaviour i describe here: http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2217

As far as I can see, the delay is the rest of the buffer filling up before showing the trace. Having a large timescale, eg. 200ms per div, means that the buffer get be very long in time, causing the significant delay.

indeed … and it is annoying :slight_smile: