Low cost surface mount soldering hot plate?

Can seeedstudio source/find a low cost (~$100) hot plate/ oven that can be used for surface mount soldering/reflow? Something that a DIY person can use to solder one board at a time. A lot of chips nowadays come in ssop packages and those are hard to solder with a soldering gun. I think this will be a great tool for the DIY community.

Have you seen this ?

mightyohm.com/blog/2009/01/diy-p … -hotplate/

Yes, something like that but I just want to buy a ready built one or a complete kit, with some preprogrammed heating/cooling profiles. I’m sure Seeedstudio can source/built something like this in China

Right, point taken.

I could use one too. SMD soldering by hand is fun, but takes a bit too long for more than one board.

The best I’ve done is SOP. I can’t do SSOP and many chips are that size.

I second (or is it third) this request.

I think there is a decent market for a lot of these high-end tools sourced from Asia. A lot of hobbyists want them but can’t justify the retail costs.

We have a mini one sitting in our studio… The cost plus shipping is over 600USD, surely not an attactive one.


We are very interested on your surface mount soldering hot plate! Please give us link that describe this machine completely and how to buy it. Thank you very much.

Iwan Suryolaksono

I still think there will be a lot of interest for a <$100 surface mount soldering appliance, just like there was a lot of interest for the DSO Nano. There are many examples of diy toasters with arduino, but something especially manufactured would be very nice.