Lotus V1.1 troublshooting with port com

Hi everybody,
I’m a newbee in the world of arduino / seeeduino.
Last month I’ve bought a seeeduino and follow all the instructions to get started.
My seeduino lotus V1.1 was connected with my P (windows 10) on port com3.
I’ve installed the drivers CH341SER and CP210x IUSB tou UART Bridge
It was working quite well.
I launched different project (blink, leds, rgb, lcd, motor, …).
I was trying different project with motors and the shield L298N.
I wanted to upload a modification on my project but now my PC Arduino IDE get an error saying : avrdude: ser_open(): can’t open device “\.\COM3”:
I take a look on windows manager device - say the driver can’t start. Code 10.
How can i resolve this problem.
Thanx all for your help

Hi @elawdesmo
Can you see the drive in the windows manager device?
Have you selected the port before you upload a program in the Arduino IDE?