Lotus M0+ power question

Does the VSYS pin on the Lotus M0+ work like the VIN pin on an Arduino? The Arduino Zero can run off of 5v but the schematics are less clear to me if I can power this through the VSYS pin at 5v.

Hi @Dennis_Mabrey
When you power the board from USB or battery, the output voltage range of VSYS is 3.5v-4.6v.
So I think if you use this range of voltage as the input to power the board it is no problem.
If you want to power this through the VSYS pin at 5v, maybe lead to MP2617B chip damaged.

A number of shields (such as the official Arduino motor shield) will power the connected device through the VIN pin with anywhere from 9-12v.

It would be bad for a beginner to hook up a shield like this without knowing VSYS can’t handle over 4.6v.

Hi @Dennis_Mabrey
Lotus M0+ is different from the official Arduino motor shield.
Their circuit design is different.

On the Seeed store webpage for the Lotus M0+ it says “Compatible with Arduino UNO”. Most people are going to assume that means it will work with virtually all the Arduino shields (those that work with 3.3v Arduino’s anyway). That means the VIN pin would handle 9-15v.

I’m not suggesting you change the board… but it should be mentioned on that page and the wiki that the VSYS pin isn’t tolerant of higher voltages.

Hi @Dennis_Mabrey
Sorry for the VSYS pin can’t handle 9-15v.
Thanks for your suggestion. We will add a note to the wiki at once.