LoRaWan Library source code

Hello, I am using the Seeeduino LoRawan board with the library shipped with the Arduino IDE.

If I reference this library with another board (say Seeeduino Zero) the IDE cannot locate the library.

I assume that this library is included as a pre-compiled module.

My question is, can I find the source code to LoRaWan.h anywhere, for modification with other boards?



Hi Jimgi

It will be some place as below if you install the ide by default. please change the xxx to your user name. I also attached it here. <LINK_TEXT text=“https://github.com/SeeedDocument/forum_ … oRaWan.zip”>https://github.com/SeeedDocument/forum_doc/raw/master/reg/LoRaWan.zip</LINK_TEXT> thanks.



Thanks Bill,

I thought that I had looked everywhere!

I am not on my system now, but will look as soon as I can.

Interestingly, I couldn’t find it by doing a search for “LoRaWan” or similar; that it what lead me to believe that it was a pre-compiled piece of code.

Will let you know.

Thanks for the prompt reply!



Hello again Bill.

I discovered that libs included with board packages are not found if you change the board and re-compile. For instance, LoRaWan to Arduio Zero.

What’s more, when I looked for the libs, my Windows 10 search function could not find them! (must be a setting there somewhere). Your path did not work, it was there, but Windows seeemed to mark it hidden.

However, looking at the error message, it gives a clue to the path, and if you progress along this by entering the path in file explorer, you can indeed find the files:


If I copy the necessary libs (LoRaWan and EnergySaving) into the standard Arduino library region, everything works. (Have not verified if the libraries are correct for the Zero board, but they at least compile correctly).

So, thanks for the help, and the pointer. The files are not pre-compiled, just appear to be hidden for some reason.

Does this make sense to you?



Hi Jimgi,

please try one more time by following below instructions.

  1. add seeeduino lorawan into board manager by following http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Seeed_Arduino_Boards/
  2. open arduino ide–> file–>preferences–>settings–>more preferences can be edited directly in the file
  3. then click the folder address
  4. click \packages\Seeeduino\hardware\Seeeduino_SAMD\1.2.0\libraries\LoRaWan