LoRaE5 - recv +JOIN: Join failed

I have the Wio Terminal connected to Grove Vision AI Module and Grove LoRa-E5 Module device. When I run my code, I get this error:

LoRaE5 - recv +JOIN: Start
LoRaE5 - recv +JOIN: NORMAL
LoRaE5 - recv +JOIN: Join failed
LoRaE5 - AT ending with error
LoRaE5 - recv +JOIN: Done

After this error, It says Uplink done but I don’t see any data packets on Helium Console:

Please help as my code used to be working but suddenly has this problem.

Code: monsand/monsand_lora_deployment.ino at master · Raunak-Singh-Inventor/monsand · GitHub

The problem was that I was using Arduino IDE 2.0. Downgrading to Arduino IDE 1 fixed the issue.

If the error message “AT ending with error” appears as you described, it may be due to the following reasons.

  1. the App EUI, Dev EUI and App Key of LoRa E5 do not correspond to those on Helium.
  2. There is no Helium network coverage around the LoRa E5 with a strong enough signal for the LoRa E5 to connect to the LoRaWAN.