LoRa WM1302-SPI with Raspberry Pi Hat

Hi guys,
I tried to run a LoRa gateway based on WM1302 module plus Raspberry with hat https://www.seeedstudio.com/WM1302-Pi-Hat-p-4897.html,
following https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/WM1302_module/
After 2 days of unsuccessful attempts I come to the decision that something’s wrong with the hardware settings. Investigating the Pi 3B+ 40-pin connector pinout, Pi Hat’s pinouts and WM1302 pinouts I can recommend next settings for pins in file reset_lgw.sh in Point 4 in wiki above:


Although the last line has no meaning, as PiHat internally has nothing connected to GPIO13.
Then thinks started to happen.
I hope this will oils the wheels in your LoRa Gateway development process.

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Thanks for you feedback. We will fix this in our wiki. :+1: