Lora tester version: how to access menu?


Just received my Lora tester kit based on Wio. Checked all documentations on Wiki and Seeed studio but I’m unable to get display to display keys needed for TTN configuration !! When I push the top buttons it just light on or off one of the menus at top but that’s it and blue button is doing absolutely nothing :frowning: I guess I’m missing something obvious there but not finding what :frowning:
Lora module is well plugged on Wio unit. Should I also update the Wio with latest fw avalaible on disk91 website ? Right now it indicates at boot it’s running fw 1.5 for E5 !

Thanks for your clarifications :wink:


The device is out of the box and you don’t have to configure it step by step according to the installation guide, which is only for devices that need to be reinstalled or for users who buy wio Terminal and wio Terminal LoRaWan Chassis separately.

You can directly refer to the following user guide for use.

Thanks for the link that really helped me to understand how to navigate in menus and setup it properly for tracking. I’m just missing one thing: how to get the needed infos to declare the lora device in TTN console so I can track it properly ?

Thanks @Seeed-Liu but that documentation is for a closed firmware that use an alternative closed server for tracking which is a serious issue in term of security and confidentiality ! Don’t you have a sample code to use it with TTN and TTNmapper ? that is perfect for suck task !