Lora Rs485 module in shipment since October No refund

I booked Order 4000086204 in October as preorder to be shipped to Karachi Pakistan on Nov 2, paid $24 for lora stm rs485 module, another $25 for DHL shipping. All this long I get stupid auto replies or sometimes that it has been delivered! When I show them tracking detail they accept it but the packet never arrives. They dont say why they refund. Its such a bad experience.
Riaz Ahmed

The tracking number is RU833237151NL

Hello, you still need to send an email to order@seeed.cc to solve the order problem. Our forum does not yet have a back-end staff who can check the order.

In October 2021 I booked order 4000086204 and you claim to ship it via RU833237151NL in November. I havent received it. Why the hell do you send me links that say i have received it?