LoRa RF95 home network. What to expect?

I’m building a little domestic LoRa network, I would want to use a lora module (mounted onto a SAMD board) as “gateway” that will route oncoming RF packets RF to a MQTT server; I’ve some RF devices on my network that asynchronously sends data… so, my question is: what appen if multiple devices transmit at the same time? The LoRa RF95 protocol are packetized or raw? it have some error control? I’ve already implemented part of the network with the gateway and three devices (with no problems for the moment) with my own personal system of error control and packet identification, I need to do it or it’s already implemented in the RF95 protocol at low level? Obviously the data send from devices it’s not data critical and some packet can be lost.

Hi there, it is RFM98 module inside of Lora radio 433Mhz. Please refer to Coding Rate ** To further improve the robustness of the link the LoRaTM modem employs cyclic error coding to perform forward error detection and correction**. For more info, please refer to http://www.hoperf.com/upload/rf/RFM95_96_97_98W.pdf thanks.

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