LoRa Radio

Hi all,

We have bought the LoRa 868Mhz radios.

We have successfully got the point to point client/server examples working using the provided libraries on the Wiki.

However, we are now trying to get the LMIC library working (also linked on the bottom of the Wiki) to connect to TTN (The Things Network) and not having much luck. The LMIC library appears to be written as if the chip is directly connected to the Arduino pins rather than via the Grove shield. I can see the Grove library uses a SoftwareSerial connection of pins 5 and 6 and the RadioHead library. How can I get the LMIC library working? Am I missing something?


Have you had any luck yet.

I’ve bought 10 of these to start working with The Things Network. Worked with other RFM95 modules, but don’t know how to get these Grove radio modules connecting tot TTN, not with LMIC nor any other library.

I have made the same question in other forum and I got this as answer:

These are UART front ended point to point LoRa modules, I doubt anyone has written the special code needed to connect them to LoRaWAN\TTN.

There is software for connecting standard SPI based LoRa modules to LoRaWAN\TTN.

Anyway, @daniel.wright what Arduino did you use to run the examples? I´m trying with two Arduino Mega, but not making them work correctly. I´m kind of lost about the serial ports stuff. Because, since I´m working with Arduino Mega, it means that I do not have to simulate serial ports, isn´t it?