Lora node join failed

Hi. I am just starting to play around with LoRa and LoRaWAN. I set up my own LoRaWAN gateway and I can see it is online on TTN. I am having problem bringing up LoRa-E5 dev board (Node) through AT commands. I followed steps on the Seeed’s website but when I send command AT+JOIN, I get, ‘Join failed’. I tried to see manually if everything matches on device and on TTN device, and it appears fine. Now, I am not sure how do I troubleshoot this. Is there a way to monitor the communication? I don’t see any updates on the Gateway at TTN.


Well if it’s properly declared in TTN Console V3 (The Things Stack) you should be able to see any message reaching TTN through your gateway even with errors in the Live feed of TTN Console :wink: You should also probably be able to monitor messages received by your gateway on gateway itself or in TTN console for the gateway (although I never tested it yet in TTN V3 so not sure if it’s possible…

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Yes, you can see messages coming through on both sides: application/end node and gateway on TTN v3.

If you do not see anything at all, check then region settings on both gateway and end node.

There are other ways to screw things up, like: ADR, tx power, DR settings, but default settings on Lora-E5 are reasonable and will allow you to connect in almost any situation, given you have the right region selected and there is any possibility for signal from the end device to reach the gateway.

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My issue got resolved when I re-did everything :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses.