Lora End Node - trouble once power cycled

Hi there - I have a Lora E5 mini and have programmed it using STCubeProgrammer and the sample LoRaWAN_End_Node project with the values updated to match my TTN values.

On first run there are no issues - the serial output is as normal and I can see the packets come through on my gateway.

If I unplug and reconnect the node, something strange happens - I still get the same serial output, but the packets are no longer received by the gateway. Can anyone advise why this might be?

(A sample of the serial output is below…)

========== MCPS-Confirm =============

520s032:temp= 23
520s036:TX on freq 920400000 Hz at DR 2
520s409:MAC txDone
521s394:RX_1 on freq 924500000 Hz at DR 10
521s445:MAC rxTimeOut
522s406:RX_2 on freq 923300000 Hz at DR 8
522s472:MAC rxTimeOut

Do you use OTAA to activate your E5 on Lora network ? If so do you save the key that is generated during join ? If not you’ll need to join again each time you power on your E5 :wink:

Nope, not OTAA, I’ve been using ABP