LoRa-e5 startup delay and baudrate

Hello guys, I hope you’re well.
I’m currently using a LoRa-e5 module but I’m facing two issues.

The first one is a delay when I turn on the module. It is about 1s, before the module starts responding to AT Commands. So I want to know what this delay is about and if I can remove it because it is critical and I don’t see it in the documentation. The PB13 pin is floating so normally HIGH, must have a internal pull up since the reference design just has a button pulling down the pin.

The second one is with the baudrate. According to the datasheet, I don’t see the baudrate being saved in the EEPROM, so I want to know if the module keeps the same baudrate (saves it) when turned off and on or if I have to change it manually each time that I turn on the module.

Thanks !