LoRa-E5 send/receive example no LoRaWAN

I have lots of experience with other dev platforms and toochains, but am new to STM32 tools/platform. I plan to use LoRa-E5, currently “playing” with LoRa-E5 Dev kit. I want to develop an IoT sensor that gives us longer range that wifi, hence LoRa. Will Not be using LoRaWAN gateway or protocol, simply send and receive. Have done it with other UART/SPI based LoRa peripherals but this is new.

Can anyone suggest some good examples that include some or all (especially *):

  • code for LoRa-E5
  • LoRa communication that does not assume/use LoRaWAN
    o uart debug port for dev

If there is such a thing as “simple” examples, my goal is to see how use of HAL, in particular for LoRa-E5 STM32 chip, and minimal code required to use LoRa transciever.

Preferable not Arduino code.

Have done LoRa application and development from scratch for a while, hope it can help you.


Thanks for the share, sad you blog is in chinese :frowning:

Citric, You have been very helpful. I will review the resources you’ve point out to me. It could be what I’m looking for Thanks.

I h ope this translation is appropriate: 谢谢

Thank you.

I have plans to write it into English, but I’m too pressed for time these days …

citric, are these examples specific to the STM32WL (i.e. LoRa-E5)?? They don’t appear to be.


No, this code is for learning and understanding only, and cannot be used directly on lore e5