Lora-E5 PinG-Pong example

Hi all,

I’m working with Lora-E5 device but for now I’d like to have the Ping Pong example (simple Lora not LoraWan just Lora com between 2 device), but I can’t find a suitable example and I can’t adapt the STM32 base project to Lora-E5, is anyone have this example for Lora-E5?

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Hi Simon1
I wish to do the same, use the onboard stm32, but cant find any examples (well, that works). Did you have any luck?

Many Thanks

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I have the same problem…

When I try to replace LoRaWAN layer by a ping pong application, SUBGHZSPI_Transmit function return HAL_SUBGHZ_ERROR_TIMEOUT.

I tried to use the hardware configuration of this repo (creating a new project from the .ioc file) : GitHub - danak6jq/Seeed-LoRa-E5: LoRaWAN end node built from scratch using CubeMX for WLE5x in the LoRa-E5
But in this case, radio events never occured (OnTxDone onRxDone…).

Did you find a solution ?



I made a simple LoRa PingPong example between two Lora e5 mini
It’s based on danak6jq (HW configuration of the Lora e5 mini, link above) and of the PingPong example from STM https://github.com/STMicroelectronics/STM32CubeWL/tree/main/Projects/NUCLEO-WL55JC/Applications/SubGHz_Phy/SubGHz_Phy_PingPong

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