Lora-E5 peer to peer connection ID

Hi ,
how can I give ID to the Lora-E5 module when I using TEST command ?

I want to make communication without going through Lorawan, only option I found TEST command, but cannot set ID in that method, any help appreciated

Never tried it but you have first to put it in TEST mode by using
and then according at AT commands doc from Seeed:
AT+TEST=TXLRPKT to send packet or AT+TEST=RXLRPKT to receive
so one in TX and the other one in RX and you should be fine (so long both are setup on same Lora frequency too :wink:

I understand the TEST mode, already tried… my question is how to give ID to each lora module ? that will be only same ID module could b communicate with each other

How did it go when you tried it ? In my understanding you don’t have to care about any IDs as I suspect that when you setup the module either in TX or RX test mode it uses some predefined IDs to make it work with any second module properly configured too :wink:

yes it use some predefined id on TEST mode, but what I want is to define the ID by myself)

No offense but please explain clearly what you want to do as test function ? because Test manufacturer function is an easy way to test if your modules are working properly so long you have at least two of them en same frequencies and it doesn’t need any ID or setup anything else !