Lora E5 mini private LoRaWAN

Hello! I have two Lora E5 mini boards. Can I create a private LoRaWAN network using pre-configured RF sets and establish data communication between these two boards, apart from the TEST mode?

Of course you can use Lora devices either sending messages at a gateway when used with a Lora network or in P2P mode :wink:
Very well explained on seeed blog: What is Peer-To-Peer (P2P) LR Communication? - Latest Open Tech From Seeed
and an example among others (search on internet will give you few solutions for that !): GitHub - seeed-lora/Grove-LoRa-E5-P2P-Example: Point-to-Point Transmission with Grove - LoRa-E5

Thank you so much for your help! Maybe I will provide more details. I have the Wio-E5 mini module. As I checked your suggestions, they use test mode for the ping-pong example P2P LR communication. However, I couldn’t find any similar examples that use AT commands to establish communication without the test mode. I have read the AT command specification provided by Seed, but I couldn’t find a way to do it.

Yeah only possibility with AT command is the TEST mode as the P2P mode is not avalaible in AT. If you want to implement P2P mode you’ll have to write your own code and replace the default AT firmware (careful you can’t reinstall the AT firmware after !!)