LoRa E5 Mini LoRaWAN End Node


I’m currently working on a senior project using the LoRa E5 Mini board to transmit notifications to TTN. I was testing with the sample code provided in the Seeed Studio Github repository, linked below. The code works fine but I was wanting to customize it to only send 1 single message to TTN when a UART interrupt is detected. I was also curious as to where the payload data is written and if I could edit this somehow, but this isn’t a crucial detail. My main point of confusion lies in where exactly I need to insert or edit code to accomplish this so any pointers/guidance you guys have would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Seeed Studio LoRa E5 Sample Code Repository:

If you have zero programing knowledge it might be tricky for you to do these modifications ! Two options: find a programmer that’ll be able to do that easily and quicly for you at a price or try to do it by yourself using internet ressources and lot of try/fail attempts :wink:
You work on each detail you need one by one till it works as you want and so on :wink: If you have been able to install and properly setup the STM developement program, it’s a very good first step !