Lora e5 mini connection


I am currently a student and I use the Lora e5 mini module in one of my projects.
I have a problem with it when programming. First of all I can only connect the module if I put the “Hot plug” mode in the ST LINK settings (I use the ST LINK V2 programming module).
It is impossible to connect the Lora E5 mini in normal mode, it gives me the error “No STM32 target found!”. Then, when I manage to connect the card in “Hot plug” mode, I cannot change the read out protection to AA. This gives me the error “Expected value for Option Byte “RDP”: 0xAA, found: 0xBB” and “Option Byte Programming failed”.
Do you have a solution to this problem ?

Thank you for your attention.

It is necessary to erase the device before changing the fuses.

Hello, I have the same problem, have you solved it yet?