Lora e5 mini antenna connector

Hello, I tried to change from using the default SMA-antenna on the devboard to instead UFL / IPEX MHF (I’m a bit unsure about the terminology) as it has a connector for that aswell and I had one antenna at home and wanted to reduce the physical size of the project a bit. However when changing the antenna the RSSI (changed from -31dBm to -80dBm) is as bad as not connecting an antenna at all (I have a lorawan gateway at my desk, so it was at least still possible to connect.)

Do I need to modify the board in any way to properly change antenna type?

(Also I tried to connect the ufl/ipex antenna to its original board and there it works perfectly fine).

Turning the resistor closest to the antennas 90 degress towards th UFl-connector solved my problem

Arvid please share a photo showing how you solve th eproblem…THANKS