Lora E5 Helium Join Failed

Hi there,

I am trying to get a Lora E5 joined to Helium network but I get “+JOIN: Join failed” consistently and I am out of ideas.

I have a Join Accept response in the Helium console and it seems the device gets the response.

The Device EUI, App EUI, and App Key match on both sides. Lorawan version 1.0.3. It’s the stock AT firmware 4.0.11.

Here is the output with DEBUG log level:

+JOIN: Start
+LOG: DEBUG 453498 LW ch 01
+LOG: DEBUG 453498 LORA TX, 868300000, SF7, 125KHz, 8, 14
+LOG: DEBUG 453499 LORA TX, 002E9C4B6B29F98160D51C40B7E8F98160716BCB668F51
+LOG: DEBUG 458548 LORA RX, 868300000, SF7, 125KHz, 24
+LOG: DEBUG 459589 LORA RX, 869525000, SF12, 125KHz, 6
+JOIN: Join failed
+JOIN: Done

Maybe anyone has an idea what I can still try?



Hi, I also faced the same issue. Have you solved it? And how?