Lora e5 end device + wm1302 gateway

Using these two products,
I will set the eu868 frequency and then try to connect to TTN through a gateway in LWOTAA mode.

I’m experiencing the following phenomenon. Is there anyone who can help me? Progress has stopped.

Please let me know if I am misunderstanding something or if my settings are wrong.

-------------------------- log ---------------------------------
+JOIN: Start


+LOG: DEBUG 3252832 LW ch 02

+LOG: DEBUG 3252832 LORA TX, 868500000, SF11, 125KHz, 8, 14

+LOG: DEBUG 3252833 LORA TX, 00060000000000008012B2303220F1F72C6EA16A587903

+LOG: DEBUG 3258680 LORA RX, 868500000, SF11, 125KHz, 6

+LOG: DEBUG 3259697 LORA RX, 869525000, SF12, 125KHz, 6

+JOIN: Join failed

+JOIN: Done

There seems to be a response from the gateway. What’s wrong?