Lora E5 Development Board

I just got the board, and I am using the AT commands.

Is there no way to use the other interfaces on the board from the AT command set?

If you mean to use the GPIO and others of the E5 you need to program the E5 with the STM IDE (I have myself given up on that for now as setup of STM IDE to work with E5 is just a nightmare by itself :frowning:
The AT commands only allow you to control the Lora part of E5 :wink:

Thank you…

It sure seems like there is a lot of opportunity here to enhance the AT interface to let you do a lot more.

I understand that this AT interface is proprietary… and they want to protect the work that went into creating it… but not being able to update it to future versions that are more capable seems like a very limiting view.

For example: This device absolutely can support SigFox. It seems very reasonable to me that a future AT command set could be added to let them device operate on SigFox… and yet all of the hardware being shipped seems forever doomed to not be able to do that under the AT structure.

So on one hand, you have this easy to use AT interface, but no ability to use any of the other IO capabilities of the platform, or you have to jump all the way into doing fairly deep embedded development.

Someone is likely to make from scratch a load for the AT library… which would then completely replace the investment that is being protected by this pollicy…

Are you sure of that ? It’s a Lora specific chipset in it and as far as I know Lora and Sigfox are very different systems and each one needs to use a specific compatible chipset for that !

As quite a few dev boards, they are shipped with a basic firmware that allows you to easily check basic features and that hw works. When you need to use all features of device you need to code :wink:

It’s a dev environment so you can do that by yourself, nothing prevents you to do it out of learning the coding of the chipset :wink:

SigFox is one of the key examples provided with the dev kit… so yes… I’m sure this hardware will support SigFox. There is no question at all.